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WARNING: A non-secured or improperly secured cover may pose a safety threat to children and may also cause damage or injury if blown off by wind. Always remove entire cover before using the spa.
Do not stand, sit, or place any item on the cover that could damage it.
Do not use any cleaners other than those recommended by Exclusive Jacuzzi & Spa Covers. Always secure the cover with all of the cover locks when not in use, whether the spa is empty or full of water. When super sanitizing your spa, always remove your cover and keep it aside until the water chemistry has been stablised as heavy chemical concentrations can cause serious damage to your cover.

Cleaning the Spa Cover
At least monthly, clean the spa cover.

Step 1: Remove the cover and lay it down on a flat, clean surface near a garden hose.
Step 2:
Rinse the cover to remove any loose debris.
Step 3:
Clean the top (vinyl) of the cover with a mild solution of dishwashing soap and a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush. Using a gentle circular motion, scrub the cover, careful to not let any of the cover dry before rinsing with water.
Step 4:
Rinse the cover thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.
Step 5:
Use saddle soap (never a petroleum-based product) to condition the cover per the manufacturer’s instructions. Saddle soap based cover cleaner available from Exclusive Jacuzzi and Spa Covers.
Step 6:
Wipe and rinse any dirt from the bottom of the cover.
Step 7:
Replace the cover and secure the locks.

NOTE: To remove tree sap, use lighter fluid (the type used in cigarette lighters). Use sparingly. Immediately, apply saddle soap to the area. 
WARNING: Excesive chemical exposure while cleaning can damage and fade your spa cover.
Excesive amounts of chlorine and bromine in your water will damage the underlining vapour sheeting of the cover and will drastically reduce its usable lifespan.

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