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Custom Built pump systems for all Jacuzzis and Spas

-          We offer a range of Jacuzzi pump systems and skid packs suitable for just about any application, from standard single pump system units to custom designed pump systems for spas requiring triple pump systems and functionality for LED lights or any other bells and whistles.

-          At Exclusive Jacuzzi and Spa Covers, we understand that no two spas are the same. With South Africa’s Jacuzzi and spa manufacturers designing and customizing spa models with various optional extras that the development of the industry has allowed over the past few years, not to mention the special, often custom requirements of imported products, specially designed pump systems catering for this variety of new ideas are a crucial part of ensuring optimal use of products that are as unique as you are.

spa filter cartridgesSPA AIR BLOWERS

-          For the client that requires the complete replacement of an existing pump system skid pack or combi unit as many refer to these assemblies, or for those that require a touch up to an existing pump system, our services range from a host of Jacuzzi and Spa Spares to specialised services, site assessments and repairs  to all makes and models of spas and Jacuzzis.


-          These Jacuzzi and spa pump systems can be supplied as DIY kits or can be professionally installed by our qualified and experienced technicians.


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