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In Ancient Finland, where the first saunas were used for relaxation and health benefits, an old saying goes:

‘’If vodka, tar, or the sauna won't help, the illness is fatal.’’ 

Modern health sciences might have improved significantly since the 17th century, however the tried tested and proven benefits of all modern sauna types remain undisputed. 
We are suppliers of various sizes and models sauna steam generators, products that have converted the relaxation and healing properties once reserved for royalty to health and beauty investments attainable by all.

Sauna steam rooms serve as the ideal complement to any health routine, providing several benefits that have been recommended and trusted by medical professionals for centuries. From the cleansing of pores and effective treatment of skin ailments and injuries, to the detoxification of the impurities modern daily life imposes upon us, steam saunas are synonymous with healthy living as they are to relaxation and luxury.


Recommended world-wide (in particular when used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise habits) for boosting immune systems and in particular for the treatment of respiratory ailments we are plagued with in modern day life, relieving inflammation and swelling and clearing air passageways, while melting away the stress that the rat race imposes on us.

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